Can't help by wonder.

This was not my first trip to Taiwan. I have been here numerous times in the last decade but mostly for work. This trip was slightly different as we had nothing planned except for accommodation but it turned out to probably the best plan.

Exploring a city with no agenda works in a city that is tightly packed. It also helps if the city's public infrastructure is reliable when you need it. With this said, it is a walkable city and thats what we did.

Walking around the city brought back oddly enough, nostalgic memories. The people, the way aunties and uncles dress and the local food being served. I recall how a wet market used to look like in Singapore in the early 2000's and that's how it still looks like in Taiwan. Pork blood soup is still being served everywhere, its night markets are still authentic and unregulated to some extent and bus rides cost approximately 50 cents.

I have not spent too much time in China but with all that is shared on the media as to what is happening there, I can't help but wonder if Taiwan is what would have become of China if certain events in history didn't take place. 

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