The lifespan of an object.

Greenwashing is evident everywhere you look and the sad part about it all is the less you know, the better. We come from somewhat of a marketing and branding background so we are constantly contemplating the dualities of what an image or message represents.

We are certainly not going to fluff this up. It's as simple as it looks. A stack of used skateboards that serve no more purpose, ingeniously crafted into a functional tall shoehorns. Skateboards are made with seven layers of pressed Canadian maple which makes them extremely durable.

We are working with Kou Tamiya of Tamilab. A self taught woodworker who grew up skateboarding and continues to do so. Each shoehorn is unique with it's original graphics partially evident.

Available in 24 individually unique designs.

Tamilab Shoehorns will be launching on 15 September 2022, Thursday and is an in store exclusive.

Thursday: 3pm - 7pm

See you then!

The lifespan of an object.