Aa kinda Christmas.

Aa Hojalatas

What got us interested in Mexican culture was, believe it or not, Mole. The emblimatic sauce of mexico. It looks simple but taste anything but. Wasn't it Anthony bourdain who said "food, culture, people and landscape are all absolutely inseparable." Preamp; More Mexican craft next year.

The first time we tasted mole was in a Mexican restaurant in Tokyo owned by a couple who spent a good part of their live in Mexico. Their spanish was much better than their english and their tamales and mole was like nothing we have ever tasted. 

Every Mexican restaurant seems to take reference to a scene from Romeo & Juliet directed by Baz Luhrmann and we very much enjoy the "Narnia" effect of stepping into another world. The movie is obviously a masterpiece and has provided a great deal of inspiration and reference through its art direction, styling and soundtrack. 

We worked directly with Victor (father) and Mary Hernamdaz (Daughter) who have been practicing the traditional craft of Oaxaca for the last 50 years. Through our numerous skype calls assisted by a translator has created a interesting relationship which we hope to revisit in the coming year when we visit the Americans. 

A total of 64 designs will be available in store. Each design is handmade and scaled to a maximum height of 12~14cm so it hangs beautifully on any christmas tree.

Traditional Hojalates (Tin Art) Ornaments
Simple: $13
Intricate: $15
Large: $20

Purchase a bundle of 10 pieces at a 10% reduction.


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