Kungyokudo: The Oldest Incense Maker

The story of Kungyokudo dates back to 1594. With a history of over 420 years, Kungyokudo is Japan's oldest incense supplier, creating the scents of Japanese temples, ceremonies and everyday life throughout each generation.

In the incense book handed down within the family for 17 generations, not only the techniques of incense blending, but also generational plants used in Chinese medicine, including fragrant trees that have been matured over many years, are kept within the family.

It has taken us a long while to find incense that uses high quality ingredients with scents that are relevant yet traditional. We are pleased to be stocking a wide range of Kungyokudo incense.

Available scents:
Daigo Cherry Blossom
Gion Maiko
Kitano Red Plum
Kitayama Rose
Marunouchi 1933
Mimurodo Lotus
Miyama Lotus Grass
Ohara Cosmos
Otowa Waterfall
Sakaimachi 101
Shinsaibashi 1622
Uji Matcha
Yase Lavender
Yokohama 1872

They will be retailing for $28 for a box of 58 incense sticks.
Launching on 6 October 2022, Thursday.
In store only.


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