New incense scents and holder

We have just received restocks of all Kungyokudo incense with 3 new scents.

1. Phoenix Wisteria
2. Matsuo Moss
3. Hanazono Sara Bloom 

They are $31 for each box of 58 sticks.
Visit our showroom to explore all 17 scents.

A new addition to our Nambu Tekki incense holder range is an oblong vessel from Iwate prefecture. It can hold up to 3 incense sticks at a time suitable for small and large spaces. 

We currently have a limited quantity in stock.

Visit us at:
10C Jalan Ampas #07-01,
Ho Seng Lee Flatted warehouse. 
Singapore 329513

Operating Hours:
Thursday: 3pm - 7pm
Friday: 3pm - 7pm
Weekends: 2pm - 7pm


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