Road Trip: Kamikochi National Park, Nagano Prefecture

During our last sourcing trip in Nagano, we took the chance to visit Kamikochi National Park as it was on our list of places to visit. It was at the tip end of summer and the mountains are always a good place to take refuge from the hot and humid weather. Although the forecast showed continuous rain, temperatures of 19° ~ 24° were just too tempting.

Sawando Bus Terminal 

Kamikochi National Park has a no private car policy which basically means you won't be able to drive directly to your accommodation which for us was a camp site. We only realized this on the way there and we had a car full of camping gear which we would eventually have to rank from "Sustenance" to "Epic Camping needs". 

Reduced camping gear list:
- Snowpeak Amenity Dome
- Coleman Northstar Lantern 2500
- Naturehike Ultralight Camping Mattress
- Naturehike Ultralight Envelope Sleeping Bag
- 2 Helinox Chair one
- 13L Igloo Playmate 
- Fuji X-H1 with Battery Grip with 56mm/f1.2 lens and 35mm/f1.4 lens
- A Portable Fire pit
- A Portable Grill pit
- 3 Gas Canister 500g with Adapter
- A Frying pan
- 2 Titanium Camping Cups
- 1 Bodum four cup pour over
- 3kg bag of Charcoal
- 3 bottles of wine
- 2 packets of instant rice
- 1 packet of gourmet sausages
- 1 packet of Ground coffee beans
- 1 freshly baked Ciabatta
- 1 packet of Hawaiian Potato Chips
- 1 packet of Saba fillets
- 1 packet of spices and herbs
- 1 Dopp Kit
- 1 Bag of Running vest, Clothes and Shoes


These were what we had to lug all the way up.

We know, we know... Why so much stuff? We wanted to make the best of our night but we should have known better. The weather held up till we boarded to shuttle bus that would align us 1.5km from the campsite. As we walked towards the campsite in the rain, we got many odd stares from hikers in their one piece 70L backpacks and full proof rain gear. 

This was suppose to be a glamping night out! We finally arrived at 5pm and the campsite was meant for proper camping, not what we were prepared for. Due to wild bears roaming the area, campfires are not allowed at 6pm and all cooking had to stop by 9pm. We rushed to find a vacant spot as it was a first come first serve basis and we pitched our tent in the heavy rain.

We woke to a drizzle which gave use some beautiful scenery and a 20 minute window to explore. It didnt stop raining till the very next day but thankfully for us, the interior of the tent stayed dry. Lesson learned. We will definitely be revisiting in autumn and better prepared as campers.


Your truly,
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