Season's Greetings!

We have been reunited in December!

To everyone who we have met this December, it was truly a pleasant. We are not going to lie, it has been a tireless month organizing the Open house series and with spatial changes within the showroom. Although we have been unfortunate with shipments caused by delays, it’s given us and the showroom some time to breathe. 

The store looks the best it has ever been in terms of spatial but it won’t be long till the shipment arrives which will require yet another spatial change.

Ikebana vases and vessels.
Founder of Atelier Hi, Ibuki San's Branch spoons.

Archive HUGE Magazines and in house designed Market Totes in repurposed Vintage Kimono Obi fabrics. Handmade Post Modern Lego table lamps by BLOCKHEAD run by Kaye.Oji pots handmade by a Hiroshima based ceramist in his 80's who is happy to live in the shadows of his beautiful work.Ikebana and Tea ceremony wares.Handmade ceramic lamps by Gellyvieve.Ikebana vases and vessels atop Maison Martin Margiela's MM13 trompe l'oeil door. 

Change of operating hours for December 2021.
24 December 2021, Friday: 1pm - 5pm
25 December 2021, Saturday: Closed
31 December 2021, Friday: 1pm - 5pm
01 January 2021, Saturday: Closed
02 January 2021, Sunday: Closed


From all of us at Aa, here's wishing one and all a beautiful festive season and we look forward to seeing you in 2022!

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