Spatial Styling

We recently completed the home of a young adult. The brief was simple, to source pieces of furniture and objects that will last the test of time in relations to trends as well as durability. 

The project required us to furnish the entire home. A living room, a function room, a kitchen, a master bedroom, a walk-in wardrobe and three patios. This includes all tableware and flatware for the kitchen, all fixtures within the walk-in wardrobe as well as landscaping.


The site hasn't been renovated since its was built in 1978 and it was due for an overhaul. We work closely with the appointed contractor to keep a light-handed approach on built-in fixtures in order to keep the space modular. This is an approach that we usually prefer similar to our showroom. Things change, people change and we wanted to be conscious about future developments with the project. 


Site details:
Location: Pandan Valley Condominium
Architect: Archurban Architects Planners
Built: 1978
Total size: 240m2



As the client was a young adult, our approach was to keep things open ended and fluid so if changes needed to be made in future, it should be relatively easy. We proposed a space that speaks of its heritage as Singapore’s first condominium and acknowledgement of contemporary ideals.


It was important for us to understand the clients intentions and it was clear from the get go that the home was to be a functional and purposeful space. One where unpacked luggages and DHL packages could be left without becoming an eyesore.

The final selection is bold but not loud, confident yet composed. The significance of each piece speaks more to the homeowners than to it's guest.


The client unknowingly had a liking for Cassina pieces. We are quite certain that some pieces will not be found again like the elongated office desk proposed as a dining table under the label Macartre which was a line of premium office furniture from the 1970’s under the portfolio of Cassina. 


All landscaping is handled by Pudica who is also our in-house green thumb and colleague. The client wanted to have 2 entirely different landscapes for the master and the shared balcony.


Enquire here for more details.

Photography: Studio Periphery
Landscaping: Pudica



Arflex Pepe Side Table.
Bang and Olufsen Beo 9000 designed by David Lewis.
Bang and Olufsen Beolab 4000 designed by David Lewis.
Cassina Juno Bed Frame designed by Hannes Wettstein.
Cassina Mister Sofa 235 / 236 designed by Philippe Stark.
Cassina Sinbad coffee table designed by Vico Magistretti.
Cassina Villabianca armchairs designed by Vico Magistretti.
Flos Arco designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.
Gellyvieve Ceramics.
Hida Sangyo coat mirror designed by Enzo Mari.
Jean Prouve Petit Potence.
Kartell Componibili Large designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri.
String Furniture Pocket Shelf.
Tendo Mokko Pernilla lounge and ottoman designed by Bruno Matthsson.
Tekla Fabrics Bed Sheets and Comforter.
USM haller Modular System


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