We are relocating.

25 Depot Lane has been a great meeting place. Since we opened our doors, we have had the pleasure of hosting and serving beautiful and gracious individuals. Although we didn't manage to fully utilize the exterior of our current showroom with much larger event due to COVID restrictions, it still gave us the opportunity of meeting all of you. 

Aa Openhouse is our take on what community events could be. Nothing new to that concept except that we try and strip it down to its core essentials which is to create a safe and approachable space for people to explore, learn and meet. No marketing initiatives, no CRMs and no idea where its heading but we will definitely continue organizing fulfilling community get togethers.

Which brings us to our new space. Excited as it may seem, it is hell of a lot of timelines to manage. We will be relocating to somewhere in the middle of Balestier. A flatted warehouse built in the 1980's with amazing natural light and of course air conditioning. The new space will allow us more control over curation and better storytelling. We are essentially categorized as a furniture retailer but there is so much more to that chair, table or vessel than meets the eye and we cant wait to explore that with you. 

25 Depot lane will be operating as per usual hours until 20 March 2022, Sunday and our new showroom will open its doors mid April coinciding with the arrival of the next shipment. More details will be shared shortly through our only communication channels, Instagram, Facebook and EDM (hopefully we will figure that one out soon ha). Till then!

From the bottom of our hearts,
Thank you for the support and amazing conversations!

Team Aa.


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