We are finally up and running

It has been a restless few months but here we are, mid way through 2020. Where has this year gone?

This year's schedule has been heavily delayed due to the spread of Covid and what was initially intended to be a physical store supported by an online platform has now been reversed.

A brief introduction into what we do here at Aa, short for Arts & Antiquities. Over the years of living in Japan (we are native to Singapore), we have come to enjoy many things about the cultures and traditions of Japan. Aside from dedication to craft, the one thing that stood out to us most was how objects are given a level of respect. 

つくも神, pronounced as "Tsukumogami", refers to inanimate objects that are considered as alive and self aware after having served their owners for a hundred years. This belief creates a culture in which objects are well maintained and not simply replaced due to aesthetical wear. This idea in turn respects the entire ecosystem of this earth we inhabit and is something we believe can promote the regeneration of certain aspects of any industry especially the lifestyle industry. What we source are existing objects and furnishings that are not only focused on brand names or designers but it's design philosophy and aesthetics. 

We understand that it is not always as simple as it sounds to reduce, reuse and recycle. At the end of the day, we are only human and need to live our lives. At Aa, we hope to be enable a conscious lifestyle and contribute positively to the land by reducing landfill.

Aa ships internationally from Japan but is currently scheduled to open a physical showroom in Singapore at the end of this year.

Oh and you might be wondering why our website is registered under Aeaefurniture.com instead of Aa.com. Let's just say that we thought it might be silly spending $64,000 on a domain rather than on beautiful objects. So just pronounce and spell out the alphabet "A" twice + furniture and there you go, welcome.

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