Personal Shopper

Finding the right pieces for your space sometimes take great determination and some extra time. It's important to you and we totally understand. This is a service that we try to provide at no extra charge.

All you have to do is to share with us the necessary or applicable information below.

- Contact details.
- Item category ie. 6 seater Dining table...
- A specific brand or designer.
- Material.
- An estimated budget.
- Expected delivery date. (It usually takes 2-3 months)

Once we have reviewed your request, we will contact you with our scheduled upcoming delivery dates or if additional information is required. Once both parties are certain and comfortable with proceeding, a $50 deposit is required. This is to ensure that we aren't dealing with a bot! 

For more information on why we require a deposit, please visit FAQ.

If you have image references to share, please email us at