Kiri Bako Grain Box


Kiri boxes are used for storing all kinds of dry goods especially rice and grains. Made of deciduous hardwood, paulownia wood is lightweight and naturally resistant to pest and moisture. Each Kiri box can be seamlessly stacked to save space and come with a rice cup that is attached to the lid through a concealed magnet. For the safety of our consumers, all Kiri boxes are sourced brand new directly from its manufacturers.

Available in 1kg, 3kg, 5kg & 10kg.
  • Paulownia wood
Dimensions and weight:
1kg - L215 x D215 x H88 cm
3kg - L215 x D215 x H162 cm
5kg - L215 x D215 x H242 cm
10kg - L215 x D215 x H396 cm


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