• Phosphors Roll Mat
  • Phosphors Roll Mat
  • Phosphors Roll Mat

Phosphors Roll Mat

Every Day Carry (EDC) goods are designed and manufactured in the USA for the military and government agencies.

These creations are designed to fulfill practical purposes, ensuring efficiency, organization, and the prevention of small parts from being misplaced. These mats are versatile, catering to both indoor and outdoor usage, and can emit light for 24 hours. Notably, all products are engineered to be non-magnetic, anti-static, and resistant to heat and solvents, guaranteeing their durability and reliability in challenging environments.

Care and Maintenance:
In case it gets dirty or dusty, we recommend washing them with soap and water, and dry thoroughly before use. This ensures that your EDC goods maintain their optimum performance and functionality.


  • Heat-resistant silicone rubber

Brand new


L45.72 x W27.94 cm

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