A little over ten years ago, I found myself at my usual optician's in bustling Chinatown, undergoing the routine eye check. Amidst the racks of eyewear, a pair of sunglasses caught my eye with their fiery red tints. As I picked them up, I noticed the intricate inscriptions adorning the entire frame, a telltale sign of vintage Matsuda craftsmanship.

The optician, oblivious to the treasure they possessed, offered them to me at a clearance price. They warned me, though, that swapping the lenses for prescription ones would be a challenge due to the uniqueness of the red tints. Despite their slightly loose fit and discounted tag, I couldn't resist the allure.

For years, they nestled in my collection and while seeking a fix for a vintage tower lighter from Isamu Kenmochi, I stumbled upon a craftsman in Kyoto specializing in watches, spectacles, jewellery and lighters. To my delight, he confirmed that restoration was indeed possible. 

Matsuda 2859 is not for sale but Isamu Kenmochi's tower lighter will be in store soon.

Nakai Hakukondo

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