Sense of place

Having spent a good few months in our new location, we are finally feeling settled in to our new neighborhood.

Balestier and Whampoa brings to mind a sense of nostalgia. I attended my primary school nearby and Friday family dinners were usually at Whampoa Market's Fish Head steamboat with braised duck which is amazing still in operation. I remember being dragged to Balestier Hill Shopping Centre to get my hair cut at Sri Dewa which I disliked as I always left looking like Dwight from The Office. 

Three decades later, we are still exploring the neighborhood. Our Wednesday team runs have shown us a greener side of Singapore as the route circles Whampoa river, Kallang river and back through Mar Thoma road. We have actually bumped into some of our customers along the way. There is great food everywhere around and we recently discovered a deep tissue massage place just around the corner from us which we will definitely frequent.

Our unit at Ho Seng Lee Building provides great natural light for us as well as our beloved indoor plants. Each floor is also dedicated to only two units which allows us more control over curating the senses indoor and outdoor.

The space will continue to evolve as always but our current spatial layout is the best we has ever been. Spatial planning and Visual merchandising is something that is close to our hearts and if we had the energy to reshuffle every week, we probably would.

Our online store will be updated by next week but do drop by to have a more intimate experience with all the objects and furnishing we have in store. 

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 3pm — 7pm
Friday: 3pm — 7pm
Weekends: 2pm — 7pm
Public Holidays: 2pm — 7pm

See you soon! 


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