H.S Hirose

Three years after the passing of the legendary bicycle builder Hidetaka Hirose, the regret of not visiting his store sooner still lingers every time I get on my bicycle. C.S Hirose bicycles are entirely custom and handmade to one's body, cycling style and purpose. There were many reasons for wanting a custom made bicycle by Hirose san but it is certainly not for the sake of collecting.

In his blog documented by Tatsuro Inagaki, there was and is an ongoing column titled "Just because it's a custom made bike, doesn't mean it runs well" he delves into the idea of what custom made is and the user perception. The title speaks for itself.

I wanted a deeper understanding into my cycling performance but more so an ongoing dialogue as to how to tune a machine, body and mindset to its most optimum potential. He didnt just take on any bicycle build. His services were only for people who cycled and had a passion cycling. Rightly so as each custom made bicycle carries with it a relationship with the owner that would last a definitely with possible changes along the way.

I think this is something that most makers in any field seems to advocate for and certainly a thoughtful reminder there for everybody to think about before buying something.

Regrettably, due to work commitments and procrastination, I never got that chance to meet Hirose san. Note to self, dont work too hard.

Just a note that the translations in the blog are not entirely accurate and somewhat cryptic so please apply imagination here from a Japanese perspective. 



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