Gerhard Richter

The last two weeks upon returning to Japan have been hectic to say the least. Amongst all the preparation for our last shipment of 2022, we visited three exhibitions that started with Jean Prouve's "constructive imagination" followed by Finn Juhl and danish chairs and finally Gerhard Richter's first solo exhibition in Tokyo. 

Saving the best for last. Gerhard Richter's show was outstanding. One of the works that stood out was "Strip". He has created several editions of this work but this one in particular stretches beyond one's periphery at 10 meters wide. It was mesmerizing to watch lines pulsate and vibrate as your eyes attempt to focus. 

There were indeed several spaces that stood out but it was too crowded to really take it all in. We will certainly be returning to before it ends.

A tip for museum visits in Japan, visit early and avoid Friday, Saturday and Sundays. If you are in Tokyo, it's worth a visit.

Gerhard Richter
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.
7 June - 2 October 2022.




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