• Fores Beans S-143
  • Fores Beans S-143
  • Fores Beans S-143

Fores Beans S-143

The craft of lantern making in Gifu dates back to the 16th century. Gifu lanterns are recognized by many through Isamu Nogushi's Akari light sculptures. Within Japan, there are many designers and brands that have been practicing the craft of lantern making. 

Established since 1949, Fores has manufactured interior products primarily with Gifu Mino Washi paper. The Suwa factory, which is surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Mino area, operates an integrated system including paper making, woodwork, painting, ironwork, and assembly.

The Bean is also available in a larger size.


  • Mino washi
Ø18 x H38 cm
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