Daily Rituals

It's been about three weeks since we started drinking Matcha on a daily basis. A daily ritual of spending 2-3 minutes focused on doing just one task. There is always a focus on the benefits of starting something new and I think this stamps from the fact that humans need constant stimulation.

Honestly though, I don't feel a difference other than noticing a shocking bright green hue while going a Number Two, and consistently starting my day at 5:59am automatically, a minute before my alarm goes off and being motivated to actually set time aside for a run every single day. Hmmmm...maybe its working or perhaps it's pseudo science from everything I have been reading online while trying to find a new source for Matcha. 

By the way, if you are interested in tea, Don and Celine of Mei Leaf have a channel on youtube dedicated to tea. A really great way to end the day. 


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