Environmentally conscious design from start to finish.

In a humid environment such as Singapore, keeping food fresh can sometimes be harder than it seems. A company based in Koga City has the solution for storing all staples such as rice and whole grains while reducing our carbon emissions.


Located in Koga city, Fukuoka prefecture, Masuda Kiribakoten has been producing packaging and storage boxes from Paulownia timber for almost a century.

Matsuda Karibako Paulownia

Paulownia timber also known as Kiri in Japanese is a fast-growing and sustainable hardwood that requires minimal management. Paulownia does not have a detrimental impact on the environment. Quite the opposite actually. The tree’s natural ability to fix nitrogen back into depleted soil and sequester carbon through its enormous, heart shaped leaves creates a robust and resilient environment for other plants and trees in it's surrounding. 

Matsuda Karibako Kirihaco

Paulownia wood is light yet strong and does not warp. Its ability to dry quickly and naturally resistant to most diseases and pest makes it a great material to store consumables.

Matsuda Karibako Kirihaco

Kome-Bitsu rice boxes come in 4 sizes. 1kg, 3kg, 5kg and 10kg. Each storage box features a transparent acrylic lid and a seamless magnetic measuring cup that is attached to the underside of the lid for easy accessibility. All boxes sizes are stackable so you can separate your white rice and whole-grains while keeping things minimal.

Matsuda Karibako Kirihaco

Maintenance and care is pretty straight forward. As it is intended for dry goods, the boxes should be wet. If it does get wet by accident, place it in a well ventilated shaded are for half a day. It is recommended to place finely ground baking ingredients in a bag before storing in the box. This is to ensure easy cleaning and reusability.

1kg — $115
3kg — $130
5kg — $140
10kg — $190


Pre orders are now available in store and via instagram messenger.



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