Kato Seisakusho Tin Caddy

The narrative of diminishing craftsmen in Japan, dedicated to perfecting traditional skills, is intertwined with the shrinking population in smaller prefectures. Many young individuals are opting to relocate from smaller cities to larger metropolitan areas, contributing to the decline in traditional craftsmanship. While it might be tempting for outsiders to attribute this decline to the younger generation, carrying the weight of preserving traditions amidst the allure of city life, the reality is complex.

Long-established companies with deep-rooted traditions are facing inevitable decline. However, the focus should shift toward understanding how these traditions can be harmonized with contemporary lifestyles, ensuring their sustainability for the future. The challenge lies in finding ways to integrate age-old craftsmanship into modern contexts, preserving cultural heritage while adapting to the evolving needs of society.


Established in 1899, Kato Seisakusho specializes in designing and manufacturing tin caddies for consumables like tea, coffee, and snacks. Their caddies consist of three parts: the main body, inner lid, and outer lid.

In Japan, the production of full tin caddies has become rare due to the prevalence of fully machine-made methods. We visited their finishing factory in Tokyo to understand the simple but tedious steps to making tin caddies. 

After the tin structure is assembled, each caddy undergoes a meticulous coloring process with multiple coats, followed by heat curing. In order to enhance durability, an extra protective layer has been requested for all the cans, ensuring a longer-lasting finish.

We have chosen a selection of 3 sizes in Taupe, Mahogany and Poinsettia with a minimal finish.

Kato Tin Caddies are available instore and online.


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