Smells like Aa

Whether we are at home or in store, we usually start and end our day with fragrance. The daily ritual of scenting our surroundings helps signify the time of day. Similar to how perfume is applied to our skin, we have specific scents for different moods or occasions.

Our brains perceive fragrances differently during the day and night due to varying levels of alertness, environmental conditions, associations, and emotional states. The perception of a fragrance can be influenced by our surroundings, affecting how we interpret and respond to different scents. 

Thus, we have designed our first in-house incense with this in mind catering to both day and night settings. 

Key scent notes:

Sandalwood — is often described as warm, rich, and woody. It has a smooth and sweet aroma with soft notes of earthiness and a subtle spiciness. It has a lingering, aromatic quality that is both soothing and exotic, making a calming and relaxing fragrance, often associated with meditation and spiritual practices.

Patchouli — is a fragrant herb known for its unique and distinct scent. The scent of patchouli is often described as earthy, sweet, and musky. It has a deep, rich aroma with sweet, herbal, and slightly spicy undertones. Its aroma is often associated with a sense of warmth and sensuality.

Cinnamon — is warm, sweet, and spicy. It has a comforting and inviting aroma with a hint of earthiness. Cinnamon is often described as having a rich, woody undertone with a touch of sweetness and a subtle peppery note.

Frankincense — has a rich and complex scent that is often described as resinous, woody, and earthy. Its aroma carries a warm, balsamic sweetness with subtle hints of citrus and spice. Frankincense has a deep and ancient character, and its fragrance is known for its calming and meditative qualities.

Each box contains 60 incense sticks with an approximate burn time of 30 minutes each. Additionally, there is a felt burning mat adhered to the underside of the lid. All packaging and materials are sourced and manufactured in Japan.

Aa GRADE incense is available in store and online now.

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