On the Potter's Wheel.

Our love for handmade craft brings our attention outside of Japan to a place closer to home. We are happy to announce that we are distributing handmade ware by Potters in Indonesia.

Established in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, they felt an important need as craftsman themselves, to united talented artisans, who have spent most of their lives honing their craft, together in having a stronger voice. Based in Yogyakarta, Potters engages artists and craftsmen from around the region creating minimal plant ware for your home.

Aa Potters

Their selection of materials is what sets them apart. Palimanan Stone, Breccia Stone and Natural Fiber Cement gives each pot a distinct colour and finish.

Muzu planter in Palimanan (Ivory) and Breccia (Grey) Stone.
Ø10 x H10cm - Ivory & Grey. $37

Ruzu planter in Palimanan (Ivory) and Breccia (Grey) Stone.
Ø12 x H10cm - Ivory & Grey. $41

Gema planters in Natural Fiber Cement are available in 2 sizes and 4 colours.

Gema planters in Natural Fiber Cement.
Ø13 x D12 x H12cm - Brown Latte, Midnight, Sand Beige & Smoke Grey. $40
Ø16 x D15 x H15cm - Brown Latte, Midnight, Sand Beige & Smoke Grey. $44

Tama planter in Natural Fiber Cement.
L30 x D15 x H15 cm - Brown Latte, Midnight, Sand Beige & Smoke Grey. $65

Discover the full collection at our showroom at 25 Depot lane and at these reputable stockists below.

- Plunt.co
- The 3 Keys
- Reluctant City Dweller
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