OPEN HOUSE: December Weekend Market

Season's greetings to one and all!

There is so much happening this December and we cant wait to share them with you. Our final shipment for the 2021 is on it's way in spite the constant hiccups and delays with logistics. We have also been incredibly hard at work on our in-house designs that will fall under the brand Aa GRADE, which we will share on our next post. Managing to escape winter, we are now back on the Sunny island of Singapore just in time for our OPEN HOUSE Series.

Aa Open House: Weekend MarketThis will be our second community event where we open up our space to craftsman, artist, enthusiast and collectors of sorts. There was always a reason we picked this current location. It has a lot to do with the proximity to nature, city centre, and a well established community with great food and the openness of the space. Community events were always an important initiative we wanted to host albeit a tad delayed due to the pandemic.  


Expect to discover Ceramic works by Genevieve of Gellyvieve, unique plants by Folia SG, Cute plant world and Fronds with benefits, micro landscapes by Pudica, Vintage Carhartt garments by Tasshop and Leather goods by Omitir.

Folia SG

Folia SG.

Cute Plant World.




We will be following strict safe distancing measures and crowd control during the event.

See you soon!

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