International House of Japan

Although we have been shuffling between Japan and Singapore, it's never feels like we are holidaying. We still miss waking up to a breakfast spread.

A day before we last returned to Singapore, we visited The International House of Japan. It was built in 1955 by three renowned modernist Japanese Architects. They are Kunio Maekawa, Junzo Sakakura, Junzo Yoshimura. The latter two have worked for Le Corbusier.

Located in Roppongi, not too far from the US embassy, the establishment of the International House served as a foundation to foster cultural and intellectual exchanges that took place in 1952, at the height of the Korean War.

The garden was off limits to non-members so we could only gaze from our seats at the tea lounge "The Garden" overlooking it's main restaurant "Sakura".

Accommodations are available as well but only for Members or individuals introduced by members.

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